Ordering a Demo Egg

If you are interested in purchasing a Big Green Egg that has been gently used for one day to score some significant savings, a Demo Egg is the way to go! Come into any Parkrose Hardware location any time from May 7 - June 22, 2019, and speak to one of our friendly associates to reserve your Egg. It's really that easy! Demo Eggs not available after June 22, 2019.

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What is a Demo Egg?

Looking for a great deal on a Big Green Egg? Buy an EggFest Demo Egg! These Eggs will have been used once--at the EggFest!

A Demo Egg is a Big Green Egg that you pre-buy prior to the Parkrose EggFest. The Egg will be cooked on the day of the EggFest by one of our registered cooks. This is a great way to get your first Egg or to add to your Egg family! You can also buy a Demo Egg the day of the EggFest, though we can’t guarantee that there will be any unclaimed ones available. Demo Eggs are sold “first come, first served.”

We recommend making arrangements to pick up your Demo Egg the day after EggFest to allow it to properly cool. Please consult the Parkrose Hardware store where you pre-order your Egg for arrangements.